I’m not exaggerating when I say that last year was the best year of my life.

Yesterday, I turned 33, woohoo!

And in good ol’ birthday fashion, I reminisced on the past year. The good, the bad & the amazing. Then something magical happened: a lesson came out of it. One I’d like to impart to you now. You probably know it, but let me remind you anyway.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was mostly my husband that went down the list of things I’ve done and gone through in the past year. Being more of a glass-half-empty kind of person, I tend to focus on the things I DIDN’T do.

But being the awesome happy go lucky extrovert that he is, he reminded me of the following things that happened SINCE my birthday last year:

  • Lived through a FULL lockdown in Amsterdam.
  • Worked as an intern at an HR Tech Startup.
  • Gave birth to my second child.
  • Moved out of Amsterdam to France for a month.
  • Then from France to Florida.
  • Wrote a thesis for my Master’s Degree.
  • Graduated with my second Master’s Degree.
  • Finished my internship.
  • Started working on HonestRox full-time, officially.
  • Opened my YouTube channel.
  • Got vaccinated for COVID-19 (the circle is now complete).

I mean, HOLY CRAP right? And that’s just ONE year of my life.

If I go back and really look at each and every one of my birthday years, a similar list would ensue. And I can BET that you have a list just as long as mine, with your own accomplishments and experiences.

And here comes the lesson:

We tend to forget what we go through, and HOW FAR WE’VE COME (above anything else), believing instead that we’re still “nowhere”. And that we haven’t accomplished “anything”.

We’re really hard on ourselves.

But if you put it on paper and you look back one year, two years, five years, 10 years, the progress is MONUMENTAL.

Think about something you weren’t able to do a year ago. Then 5 years ago. You’d be astonished and amazed at the person you are now.

That’s not to say that you are where you want to be, or that you’ve climbed the mountain, but there’s no reason to diminish the progress you’ve made.

For example, a year ago I couldn’t post a video of myself online. Now I do it every day. A year ago, I didn’t have the possibility to focus on my business full-time, but now I do. 5 years ago, I didn’t even think it was possible to have a career OUTSIDE of corporate, but now I’ll never go back to it.

If I look at my 32nd birthday, I know it was the best year of my life, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t top it off at some point.

Take a moment, as you’re reading this, and think about all the things you’ve gone through in the past year. Then, think about all the things you’re doing now that you didn’t think you could do 5 years ago.

The same goes with Social Anxiety. At some point, if you’re working through it, you’re going to look back and be amazed at how much you let go of it. With the caveat of course, that you have a goal in mind and are taking the steps towards it, albeit small.

So, cheers to another year, I’m super excited for this one!

P.S. I made a funny reel. I think.

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