Ah, fear. What a lovely feeling.

It makes our skin crawl, gives us chills & anxiety for days. It strangles us in our sleep. Lovely.

Who here is scared of public speaking? Skydiving? Giving birth (I see you, men)? Speaking up? Looking stupid? And so on.

Welcome to the infinite list of fears.

The crazy part is that once you’re over one fear, another one pops right up, pinning you against the wall all over again.

pinned by fearsWelcome to being human. 

Where fears quadruple exponentially as we get older. Until we literally just don’t give a shit anymore. But before we all get to that heavenly point, here’s the process I go through to get the courage I need to move forward.

Do These 4 Things When Something Scares You:

1) Say out loud: “Millions of people have done this, I can do it too”

2) Find/create a visual of someone doing it

3) Tell yourself “this, too, shall pass”

4) Remind yourself that you’ve already done it before

But wait there’s more to each one of these points. I tied them all around the example of Colton Underwood AKA “The Bachelor” bungee jumping, so now you HAVE to go read the blog post to get the full details. I promise it’s worth your while – even though you have no idea why anyone would ever tie the Bachelor to anything (Hi Mom!).

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in social situations without letting anxiety get the best of you.
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