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Join the 7-day Social Anxiety Challenge (Jun 1st)

Every day for 7 days, we’ll push the limits of our comfort zone.
I’ll lead the challenge and document myself.

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Hi, I’m Roxana.

I’ll be honest with you
You don’t need to be extroverted
You just need to be yourself

I used to be extremely socially anxious.
As a homeschooled introvert with a foreign accent,
I was paralyzed in social situations to the
point that I felt unworthy to be liked.
For many years, I truly believed I had nothing to offer
or to add to a conversation so I kept quiet.

I had no confidence in myself.

Then I decided enough was enough.
I implemented an action plan and worked
for years to break free from Social Anxiety.

Now I want to help YOU
Be socially confident

Because you’re worth knowing


What Do You Currently Struggle With?
general social anxiety
making friends

I’ve struggled with Social Anxiety almost my entire life.
& took me just as long to get over it.

Here’s my personal journey.


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I used to think Social Anxiety was a fact of life.

A collective motion we all go through, with some of us better suited to handle it than others.
But the more time went by, the more I realized such was not the case.
While a common experience for many of us introverts, it’s not a universal plight.

– Honestrox