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Hi – I’m Roxana
I help heart-minded introverts make an impact in their lives by giving them the tools and strategies to conquer any situation
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How To Get Out Of Social Anxiety Hell

By now, you should know that I’ve written extensively about my past experience with social anxiety. You can find my story in the about me page, in this post (and in this one), and get the delicate details of what I did to overcome it here.

I’ve based this entire site on my experience of getting rid of all symptoms associated with social anxiety, in order to help other fellow introverts in this position, but it’s recently dawned on me that not everyone’s aware that they’re stuck in social anxiety hell. Maybe that’s […]

3 Reasons Why I Enjoy Admitting My Mistakes

Call me crazy, but I find transparency extremely sexy, especially when someone admits their mistakes.

Dang, look at those killer poetry skills.

These days, when people & corporations (one and the same in this land) get caught red-handed, their names show up under the “breaking news” signage. We all know that’s the culmination of multiple bad decisions made, yet they still choose the wave of a scandal pummeling them over the quiet admittance of fault. They can easily avoid the cacophonous eruption of everyone’s angry voice, yet they choose to hide behind their mistakes.

Think about some of […]

Do These 4 things When You’re Scared Of Something

Scared of public speaking? Check.

Scared of giving birth? Check.

Scared of skydiving? Check.

Scared of speaking up? Check.

Scared of looking stupid? Check.

Scared of taking a risk? Check.

Welcome to being a human, where fears quadruple exponentially as we get older. Until we literally just don’t give a shit anymore.

Most of us experience one or more (or all the above) fears at some point or another. The moment you think you’re done with one, another is on its way. It’s like a never-ending subscription service that you can’t cancel. A never-ending conveyor belt that dropships fears at your front door.  Which […]

Do You Hate “Mouth Noises”? You Might Have Misophonia

There’s a constant screaming match that goes on at my house and it looks somewhat like this:

Husband *sneezes*

Me: “Why do you have to sneeze so loudly, you scared the crap out of me!?”

Husband *taps*

Me: “Can you PLEASE stop tapping the steering wheel, it’s so obnoxious”

Husband *Coughs*

Me: “When are you going to the doctor to fix that post nasal drip of yours?”

The buildup of all these little noises feels like a huge avalanche that’s about to hit me at the end of a long day. That’s the main reason I cannot control myself from making such snide […]

Ah Therapy! Why It’s The Best Thing After Avocado Toast

Shh, don’t say it out loud.

You know what I’m talking about.

Just don’t say it!


There I said it.

Oh, boohoo, what do Millennials have to complain about right? Between having our parents do our laundry, take us back in as boomerangs, and keep us on the family’s cell phone plan without paying a dollar? I don’t know what you’re talking about…la la la.

Life is hard for us.

In all seriousness, we’re faced with tremendous pressure on a daily basis. Whether that’s self-imposed or not is another story. Between navigating career decisions in order to find […]

Behind The Scenes: The Month I Didn’t Create My Course

I missed my deadline to publish my free mini-course a few days ago. Yikes. While I’ve missed plenty of deadlines before, this is a big one because it was self-imposed. Self-imposed deadlines might actually be the most dangerous ones to miss because they can lead to complacency, or worse, a completely discarded product.

But I won’t get there – I promise.

Last night, I wrote an honestly raw post and put it out on Instagram. I thought that Saturday night would be a quiet time to post something like this but as it turned out, it was […]

I Wish I Could Kondo These 8 Anxieties Away

As an introvert, I tend to overload my brain with thoughts. Thoughts here, thoughts there, thoughts everywhere. It doesn’t even matter what they’re comprised of, they just keep coming off the belt, brand spanking new, 24/7. Sometimes I wish there was a discard or delete button, especially when it comes to anxious thoughts.

In the spirit of Marie Kondo’s rise to stardom, I’m going to share the current anxieties that are taking over my mental real estate. Precious real estate that would be better off with more valuable tenants. I mean, I did plan on learning rocket […]

10 Things I Learned At The Girlboss Rally (NYC)

Back in November (2018), I had the opportunity to fly out to NYC for a whole weekend to attend the Girlboss Rally. I absorbed so much inspiration in those two days, that even now (months later), I’m still processing it. Unlike other conferences I’ve been to, Girlboss has given me so much ammunition to create blog posts, Instagram captions, and copy for my website, that the money spent was worth it. While I haven’t had the chance to attend too many conferences such as this one, where it’s mostly about rah-rah woman power and how to […]

7 Reasons Why This Place Is An Introvert’s Dream Destination

secret introvert destinationPSST. I have a secret to share with you. I found an introvert’s dream destination. That is if you’re looking to spend a whole day relaxing/dozing off/reading/getting out of your comfort zone.

Say what now?! How can relaxing and getting out of your comfort zone co-exist in the same sentence? What kind of crazy talk is this?

Enter, Scandinave Spa.

I initially encountered this serene and heaven-like place in 2016 during a short weekend trip up to Mont-Tremblant, Canada. That was the weekend my boyfriend (husband now) proposed […]

I Wrote An Action Plan To Get Over My Social Anxiety

*Update: I couldn’t be happier that introvert dear published this article!

I was 6 years old when I asked the girl sitting next to me in class if she wanted to be my friend. Her snappy reply of “I already have friends” tore into me like a knife. A scar I internally carry to this day. I realized I’m still holding on to her retort as I went down memory lane to pinpoint moments that were conducive to my social anxiety.

I still remember her name, that’s how much of an impact she had […]

Living In The “Proven System To Get To A Bazillion Dollars” Bubble

I live in a bubble.

Actually, I live in a LOT of bubbles. The introvert bubble. The business world bubble. The feminist bubble. But the one I’m talking about is the “everyone has their own successful personal brand/million dollar course” bubble.

I bet you live in your own bubble too, depending on what you spend most of your time doing, and who you’re interacting the most with.

Mine revolves around Melyssa Griffin, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Ashley Umbridge, Selena Soo, Sunny Lenarduzzi. And gosh, I can’t even remember the other 20 I probably […]

That Happened in 2018?!

I catch myself saying that a lot these days. That happened in 2018? WHAT!?

See, in order to create a 2018 Photo Book, I had to go through ALL my pictures and pick the most memorable ones. All that browsing made me aware of all the moments I had forgotten. I could have sworn that our trip to Italy in September was EONS ago. Just in the short span of 2-3 months, everything has changed for us!

Venice Italy

In fact, my 2018 was so memorable, that my photo book is […]

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