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Here’s What You Do When You Forget How To Speak

Have you ever had a moment, or let’s be honest a million moments, when you just stumbled upon your words, mumbled them upside down, and cringed at how inarticulate you can be? Technically you forgot how to speak. Being a polyglot, I tend to lose my words oh-a-plenty-of-times, and if it happens frequently enough during a week, my social anxiety kicks into high gear. And then it’s much more difficult to tone it down than it is to keep it in check.

I’m talking total confidence shutdown.

Inferiority complex bangs on the door. Impostor syndrome clocks in. The […]

I Couldn’t Ask A Question Because Of Social Anxiety

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when it comes for you?
Question Monster, Question Monster, Question Monster…

How about that, you can really do a Bad Boys remix with just about anything it seems. Or maybe not.

See, social anxiety paid a visit every single time I readied myself to ask a question. It seems that the amount of social anxiety I exhibited was so high that I conjured up a monster out of thin air. The simple act of asking a question took such prominence in my mind that whenever the urge came to open my mouth, […]

How Brave Are You To Be Drastic?

Have you ever made a drastic change in your life – one that made you feel free?

Maybe you moved across the world to experience a new culture.

Walked out of your job and said fuck it.

Left your partner at the altar.

Sold everything you own.

Chopped off your hair.

Changed your name.

If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

Because you’ll feel daring, bold, strong.

The same feeling you get when you trek 300 miles to cross a mountain just to arrive at the perfect coordinates to see the sunrise between two solid gold pillars. And all that matters is that you made it, […]

Social Anxiety Behavior Is No Joke But It Will Make You Laugh

If you want to confirm you’re exhibiting social anxiety behavior, or you’re curious to see what it’s like to be socially anxious, you’ll want to stick around. I promise the GIFs are worth it.

I’ve done plenty of things throughout my life that I thought was normal human behavior, albeit feeling uncomfortable at the time. I’ve always felt different and a bit wackier than the average person, but it never occurred to me that I was the poster child for social anxiety behaviorI honestly thought everyone reacted the same way in certain situations, but it’s only […]

This Is What It’s Like Being An HSP At Work

I have a 6th sense.

You do too if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). In fact, it seems 20% of bipedal humanoids are HSPs. And possibly 100% of all dogs. For those of us who know what it means, it’s a call to arms…human arms. It makes us reach out to those who identify as such and relay our own story to further the bond. HSPs Unite! Those who do not know what it means might have a negative perception simply by the sound of it. Look at those silly humans and their silly feelings, pff. […]

How To Be Authentic In The Online World

I’ve always preached “you do you boo”.

But in this crazy online world, that’s not as easy as it may seem. If you’re also involved with the internet, you know how difficult it is to not pay attention to those who’ve “made it”.

It’s becoming exceedingly frustrating to be part of the so-called ‘online world’ because we’re constantly pulled away from being our authentic self. You know the world I’m talking about. The one where influences live, where original brands thrive and solopreneurs are popping up and right.

She has 1M followers.

He made 1M dollars in […]

How To Get Out Of Social Anxiety Hell

By now, you should know that I’ve written extensively about my past experience with social anxiety. You can find my story in the about me page, in this post (and in this one), and get the delicate details of what I did to overcome it here.

I’ve based this entire site on my experience of getting rid of all symptoms associated with social anxiety, in order to help other fellow introverts in this position, but it’s recently dawned on me that not everyone’s aware that they’re stuck in social anxiety hell. Maybe that’s […]

3 Reasons Why I Enjoy Admitting My Mistakes

Call me crazy, but I find transparency extremely sexy, especially when someone admits their mistakes.

Dang, look at those killer poetry skills.

These days, when people & corporations (one and the same in this land) get caught red-handed, their names show up under the “breaking news” signage. We all know that’s the culmination of multiple bad decisions made, yet they still choose the wave of a scandal pummeling them over the quiet admittance of fault. They can easily avoid the cacophonous eruption of everyone’s angry voice, yet they choose to hide behind their mistakes.

Think about some of […]

Do These 4 things When You’re Scared Of Something

Scared of public speaking? Check.

Scared of giving birth? Check.

Scared of skydiving? Check.

Scared of speaking up? Check.

Scared of looking stupid? Check.

Scared of taking a risk? Check.

Welcome to being a human, where fears quadruple exponentially as we get older. Until we literally just don’t give a shit anymore.

Most of us experience one or more (or all the above) fears at some point or another. The moment you think you’re done with one, another is on its way. It’s like a never-ending subscription service that you can’t cancel. A never-ending conveyor belt that dropships fears at your front door.  This […]

Do You Hate “Mouth Noises”? You Might Have Misophonia

There’s a constant screaming match that goes on at my house and it looks somewhat like this:

Husband *sneezes*

Me: “Why do you have to sneeze so loudly, you scared the crap out of me!?”

Husband *taps*

Me: “Can you PLEASE stop tapping the steering wheel, it’s so obnoxious”

Husband *Coughs*

Me: “When are you going to the doctor to fix that post nasal drip of yours?”

The buildup of all these little noises feels like a huge avalanche that’s about to hit me at the end of a long day. That’s the main reason I cannot control myself from making such snide […]

Ah Therapy! Why It’s The Best Thing After Avocado Toast

Shh, don’t say it out loud.

You know what I’m talking about.

Just don’t say it!


There I said it.

Oh, boohoo, what do Millennials have to complain about right? Between having our parents do our laundry, take us back in as boomerangs, and keep us on the family’s cell phone plan without paying a dollar? I don’t know what you’re talking about…la la la.

Life is hard for us.

In all seriousness, we’re faced with tremendous pressure on a daily basis. Whether that’s self-imposed or not is another story. Between navigating career decisions in order to find […]

I Wish I Could Kondo These 8 Anxieties Away

As an introvert, I tend to overload my brain with thoughts. Thoughts here, thoughts there, thoughts everywhere. It doesn’t even matter what they’re comprised of, they just keep coming off the belt, brand spanking new, 24/7. Sometimes I wish there was a discard or delete button, especially when it comes to anxious thoughts.

In the spirit of Marie Kondo’s rise to stardom, I’m going to share the current anxieties that are taking over my mental real estate. Precious real estate that would be better off with more valuable tenants. I mean, I did plan on learning rocket […]

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