I’m trying to bridge the gap.

Have you heard about this concept? Actually, I’m not even sure it’s a concept…just a thought, a perspective, a mindset. It’s all of that and more. It’s what allows me to keep going daily as a content creator. To keep experimenting when I feel like I’m “experimented-out.”

Now, I made this video from the standpoint of being a creative person and working on something. Maybe you want to be an author one day, a YouTube influencer, or a fashion designer. You’ll relate to this video. It was actually inspired by the original video by Daniel Sax based on Ira Glass’s interview.


This concept really does apply to everything in life. EVEN when it comes to social anxiety. If you’re dealing with social anxiety, there’s a gap between where you are now and how confident you want to feel in yourself.

The gap = being uncomfortable.

The gap is there to remind you that you haven’t reached the place you see yourself being in. If you tell yourself that what you’re making isn’t good enough (or that how you’re responding to a social situation is less than ideal), then that’s the REASON why you have to keep going.

You have to bridge the gap between what you’re making now and the vision you have for yourself. Between WHO you are now and who you want to be.

Watch this video to see how I’m powering through my inner critic and to find out what exercise I do to calm my mind when I start doubting myself (which is every day, let’s be honest).

Run this concept through the lens of your life. Is there an area that you’re trying to bridge the gap right now? Have you actually bridged the gap at some point in your journey? Maybe it’s a closed chapter because you couldn’t give any more of yourself to it, and that’s ok. Please believe that you can do it because you’ve probably done it before. Something as simple as learning how to ride a bike is closing the gap. Honestly, every time we attempt to learn something or do something new, we’re embarking on a journey to bridge the gap.

And ultimately, it’s up to us how complete we want this bridge to be.

Sometimes we leave it hanging in the middle, and sometimes we finish the whole piece. Right now, I’m trying to complete the circle.