Hi, Let’s Be Online Friends

Making friends online is the sanest thing to do.

After creating the “How to make friends” guide, I started thinking a lot about my own progression in this area, or to be honest, my lifelong struggle with it.

At […]

The Extrovert Made Me Do It

Otherwise, I’d never do it.

A few weeks ago, someone asked in an introvert community I’m part of, how we feel about dressing up, either for Halloween or for a party. And I immediately cringed.


Little […]

A Course To Design Your Life

Ever thought about designing your life?

Last week, we talked about the fun topic of feeling unfulfilledWoohoo, high five! This topic is very near and dear to me because I’ve experienced it multiple times in my life […]

Allow Yourself To Feel Unmotivated

‘Tis the season.

Of feeling unmotivated of course. With all the traveling we’re doing, shopping for gifts, consuming sweets galore….it’s no wonder we don’t feel like doing anything else but resting and listening to Holiday songs.

Feeling Unfulfilled? Here’s Why

I know what it feels like, being unfulfilled.

That’s really probably one of the top 3 reasons why I decided it was time to pack my bags and move overseas.

Are you feeling unfulfilled in […]

Monday Is My Favorite Day!

Back when I had a full-time big girl corporate job, Monday was when got back to it and came up with new inspiration for HonestRox. I did my best hustle work while at work. Honestly, this […]

Let’s Imagine It’s The Year 2030

Today is “sometime in the year 2030”.

You’re a decade older. Wiser. Smarter. Wrinklier. And more fun.

You know why? Because you realize how short life is and you stopped caring about what other […]

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