Personal Growth

3 Reasons Why I Enjoy Admitting My Mistakes

Call me crazy, but I find transparency extremely sexy, especially when someone admits their mistakes.

Dang, look at those killer poetry skills.

These days, when people & corporations (one and the same in this land) get caught […]

Do These 4 things When You’re Scared Of Something

Scared of public speaking? Check.

Scared of giving birth? Check.

Scared of skydiving? Check.

Scared of speaking up? Check.

Scared of looking stupid? Check.

Scared of taking a risk? Check.

Welcome to being a human, where fears quadruple exponentially as we […]

That Happened in 2018?!

I catch myself saying that a lot these days. That happened in 2018? WHAT!?

See, in order to create a 2018 Photo Book, I had to go through ALL my pictures and pick the most memorable […]