Back in the day, I used to read PostSecret EVERY Sunday.

This is a place where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard for the world to see.

The majority of these secrets are downright heartbreaking. Each one of them has the power to change our perspective, to unite us, and to make us think about our own revelations.

But there was one secret that stuck with me all these years. It touched a raw part of me inside.

I cannot find it anywhere, but to paraphrase, it said:

“I am 78 years old and in my head, I still think I can become a professional tennis player”

It tore me up. It made me cry. At the time, I too dreamt of becoming a professional tennis player, but unlike this man/woman, I still had the power to make it happen. I was young, strong, and good enough to make it. My days weren’t long gone.

But, I put myself in this person’s shoes and kept thinking: what if this were me now? What if I woke up today, 78 years old, wishing I could still become something, yet facing the end of my days?

Because the truth is, we all put things off to tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going to apply to that Master’s Program.

Tomorrow I’m going to quit this miserable job.

Tomorrow I’m going to start writing that book.

And tomorrow comes, just like today did. And you have a whole list of things you’re already set to do, putting what you really WANT to do on the back burner.

Who knows if this person had the means to become a professional tennis player. Maybe they did but didn’t take advantage of it. Maybe like me, they tried and tried but couldn’t make it. Or maybe they realized too late in life that this was their calling because they pushed everything to tomorrow.

The lesson? Don’t wait until you’re 78, with the illusion you can still become a professional athlete, to get started.

But to keep things into more perspective, look at yourself through the eyes of your 78-year-old soul and ask yourself if you’re passing out RIGHT NOW on who you truly want to be… because there’s still time before you’re standing in front of the “it’s too late” line.

So, who do you want to be?

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