I know what it feels like, being unfulfilled.

That’s really probably one of the top 3 reasons why I decided it was time to pack my bags and move overseas.

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your life as you read these words? Are you getting up every single day grudgingly because you’re stuck in a place or a situation that doesn’t bring you much joy? Can you even remember the last time you pursued something meaningful? Something that truly made your bones feel alive? Something that made you stay up all night because it was THAT important to work on?

If not, then you’re probably living neutrally.

I did for quite a few years until I figured out the root cause(s).

In this blog post, I lay out 6 POTENTIAL reasons why you might be feeling unfulfilled. Again, I don’t know your situation, and this is from my own experience, but chances are you might identify with some of these.

1. You have mismatched values.

2. You carry society’s expectations on your shoulders.

3. You’re not setting realistic expectations of yourself.

4. You’re constantly on the comparison bandwagon.

5. You’re not working towards something.

6. You don’t know who you are

Honestly, until you make your own list and write out what’s making YOU unfulfilled, you’re just going to continue living neutrally, waiting for something to happen.

If you’re interested in the awesome details surrounding each bullet point, head on over to the full blog post, I promise it’s worth your time. It might make you think differently about certain things.

Let me know if it’s helpful in any way!