It’s that time of year again.

I don’t know about you, but I stopped doing New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. Not only did I never follow through on them (on average people stick to a resolution for 36 days), but I felt super shitty at the end of the year. The fact that I never seemed to accomplish them made me feel like a weak person.

In fact, a while back, I wrote this blog post about not being a victim to the fresh start effect, and how any day is a good day to start fresh. Don’t wait for the New Year to build better habits.

But recently, I found something EVEN better to believe in.

An impossible list.

I’ve been sitting on this for a few months now, ever since Gina from the LimitBreaker introduced me to it (this is her list). In fact, follow this link to get to the original idea behind it.

Basically, you have an ever-evolving list of goals you want to accomplish. The beauty of this impossible list is that you can segment your goals into different areas of your life so that you keep constant track of everything that matters to you.

Not only do you NEVER have to think of a New Year’s resolution again, because ta-da! you know exactly what you want to accomplish in your life, but it will always stay in the back of your mind as time goes on.

I find this idea super freeing because I’m not tied to making any of these happen THIS YEAR. I just know that I want to tackle them throughout my life. That’s not to say you shouldn’t set some achievable goals this year, but if you lay them out this way, you know what you’re working towards.

And as you go about your days, and you cross off items from your list, you’re going to feel more confident about the direction you’re going in.

The best part is that you are free to change it as often as you change yourself. You’re not locking these things in, the way you would a New Year’s resolution.

I would LOVE to see what your impossible list looks like.

If you’re curious, here’s mine.

Here’s to the most amazing impossible life ever!

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