Guess who’s back, back again?

Eminem. Nah, just kidding (although I think he recently re-emerged with a new album?).

Social Anxiety is back. I feel it. I feel it in the Zoom calls that I participate in. And at the playground when I’m talking to another mom. My words come out slurred, detached, broken.

7 full weeks of staying at home have really done a number on me. 

Mentally. Emotionally. Socially.

I don’t know about you, but I’m questioning every word that comes out of my mouth (when I actually get the opportunity to speak to someone other than my husband or 3 year old). I feel like my confidence is slipping. And I’m doubting myself more and more about how I’m going to come out of this.

Does that sound familiar?

If you’ve experienced Social Anxiety in the past, you know how much effort it takes to get it under control. It’s a continuous work in progress, and if you don’t practice social confidence, you get rusty.

I’m feeling the rust setting in.

This is why this week I started working on new content that’s going to tackle Social Anxiety post-stay-at-home-coronavirus-outbreak.

This is relevant if you’re scared of showing up to that first interview, or happy hour, or group outing after all this time of not using the skills you’ve acquired.

But I need YOUR help.

I want to know if Social Anxiety is also paying you a visit right now.

Is there a particular thought or worry that comes up when you think about going back out there into the world?

If there’s ONE thing I can tackle and help you with, what would that be?

I’d love to hear any input, opinions, or thoughts you might have.

As always, I’m here for a chat (just no Zoom calls please!).

about honestrox

About Me

I help other introverts become socially confident. As a former
socially anxious person, I know how hard it is to be yourself
in social situations without letting anxiety get the best of you.
I created Honestrox to provide you with the best content
to help you show up as yourself confidently.

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