I am no stranger to doing uncomfortable things.

But screaming “I am fearless” at the top of my lungs has to be the most uncomfortable thing I’ve done in a long long time Click here to see the video.

Here are 3 things off the top of my head that I’ve done in the past 10 years that made me feel uncomfortable:

  • I quit my job without having one lined up and moved across the world without a plan in mind (from Florida to Amsterdam). I’ve written before about doing something drastic, which in and of itself is super uncomfortable.
  • I got braces at 26 years old while working in Corporate, and even had my wedding pictures taken with them.
  • I co-habited with entire strangers for the better part of two years during my stint as an Airbnb super host.

The awkwardness in each one of these situations was just a by-product of certain decisions I made to increase either my well-being or financial situation. Either way, those are not things I did for the SAKE of being uncomfortable.

Unlike screaming “I am fearless” in the middle of the parking lot of my community club.

Let me tell you why I did it.

First of all, I strongly believe that the fastest way to get rid of social anxiety is to literally face it head-on. To purposefully do the things that scare me. If I sense fear creeping up, I take it as a signal to go ahead and do the thing I’m dreading.

This is why I was so excited to shout at the top of my lungs because I was terrified of doing it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been comfortable using my voice to its fullest extent. I was always scared to speak up in meetings, to ask questions, or to voice my opinion. For some reason, I was always told to speak louder. So when I saw that this was a challenge in the workshop that I’m currently a part of, I got excited.

YES! Something I’ve never done before! Let’s do this!

Secondly, as I mentioned before, I told myself that I’m going to devote myself full-time to Honestrox in this upcoming year, but what I didn’t mention is the amount of self-doubt I’ve been facing.

I have so many fears around this:

  • I’m not good enough
  • It’s not going to work out & then I would have wasted so much time
  • No one will hire me after this
  • I’m going to have to take any job just to survive
  • People will laugh at how I speak
  • I’m going to get so much negative feedback

So, when I got invited to join the 2021 Fearless Challenge, I knew I had to sign-up so that I could finally let go of these fears.

And once I commit to something, I’m all in.

I also made a promise to myself to document each day and to publish it in my Instagram stories to hold myself accountable. If you want to see me doing the daily challenge, follow me on Instagram – it’s only for 5 days.

Better yet, do these challenges with me.

I won’t send a newsletter every day this week, but next week I’ll compile the challenges in a long newsletter, and if you’re up for it (in your own time), you can go ahead and do them.

The whole idea and purpose of these challenges is to LET GO. To think in terms of success, instead of failure. To stop fighting for your fears, and start fighting for your dreams.

How many excuses have you given yourself for why you can’t do something? That’s fighting for your fears.

It’s time to change our mindset as we move into 2021 and finally reach our higher self. The one that is capable of ANYTHING.

That’s why I screamed, “I am fearless”. Because I am.

And you are too.

about honestrox

About Me

I help other introverts become socially confident. As a former
socially anxious person, I know how hard it is to be yourself
in social situations without letting anxiety get the best of you.
I created Honestrox to provide you with the best content
to help you show up as yourself confidently.

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