Even a year ago, I couldn’t do this.

Looking back at my journey with Social Anxiety, I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come. As I was sitting on my yellow armchair yesterday, in the middle of our downtown square here in Florida, I couldn’t help but be proud of putting myself out there.

I realized that not only have I been putting myself out there in the digital world in the form of videos on my new Youtube Channel lately, but I’m now LITERALLY putting myself out there physically, which is even more daunting.

Because now there are REAL eyes staring back at me. REAL people commenting on what I’m doing. REAL judging going on right in front of my face.

Live, front and center.

And I’m perfectly fine with it. The “me” from a year ago wouldn’t believe her eyes. Honestly, I can see the craziness of it all. To carry my living room armchair to a public square, and then sit frozen with a t-shirt that says Social Anxiety on it, in front of restaurants (during lunch hour) filming myself. How bizarre.

I told myself that this wouldn’t even make the top 100 weirdest things people have seen in Florida. Made it easier to go through with it.

And THEN, right after taping this, I carried (ok ok, my husband carried) the armchair to the beach so that I could wait for it…WALK INTO THE OCEAN FULLY CLOTHED.

Yes, I realize the armchair is not in this picture but trust me, it was there (you’ll see it in my next video that’s all about Social Anxiety).

Let me also be transparent about how much I HATE putting my head in the ocean. I haven’t done it in probably 20 years, but I had no qualms about walking in and submerging myself. Why? Because of my mindset. I had one task. One shot at filming this.

So there was no time to be wishy-washy or to even think about how I felt.

I just did it.

Which is honestly, the only way to beat Social Anxiety.


It’s that simple AND that difficult. I won’t lie, this has been 10 years in the making. It’s been a really long journey for me, but I’m now exponentially getting better at doing this kind of stuff because I’m pushing my boundaries extensively on a daily basis.

It’s like compound interest. Once you get the ball rolling, the momentum will carry you through to the next level. And then the next one, and so on.

If you’re struggling with Social Anxiety, or you’re just not confident in yourself, hold on, I’m about to launch my Leave Social Anxiety At Home Post-Covid course SOON.

You’ll get details on it in an upcoming newsletter.

For now, just know, that if you’re reading this and you wish you could do these types of things without cringing or caring about what other people think, you CAN do it. If I was able to get to this point in my life, you can as well. You just need time and patience.

And of course, the most important ingredient of all…courage.

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