I’m going to be honest with you.

I’m not happy with humans lately.

I don't like people much

Maybe I should just leave it at that? I KNOW you can relate!

This is something that I’ve probably been frustrated with since the moment I was born. As a highly sensitive person, and an INFJ (check out what your personality type is here), I’m always the go-to person for everyone’s complaints, stories, challenges, etc. And that’s fine and great because I love that. The frustrating part is that I don’t have people in my life that are interested in me more than they are in themselves.

Can you relate?

What I mean is that, while I LOVE being there for people, and I LOVE digging into their core, and what makes them get up in the morning, there are times that I desperately wish I had someone like me in my corner.

Especially during a time where I’m on rocky ground, trying to find my place in this world. A time that makes me question every decision I’m making. A time of upheaval where I tell everyone that I’m miserable and want a fresh new start. And a time where I’m learning so many new things worth sharing.

A time of existential crisis.

I wanted to depict this frustration in an illustration, so I created this piece and it resonated with people immediately.

infj struggles

The fact that this blew up (by my own tiny standards) organically for me on Instagram made me both happy AND sad at the same time.

Happy that HEY I’M NOT ALONE!


It breaks my heart that so many of us are running into this challenge, where we don’t have people in our lives that care enough, that are curious enough, to look us in the eyes and say “What are you really hoping to accomplish with this project?” or “Is this the life you envision for yourself long-term?” or “How are you getting out of your comfort zone lately?”

Because they KNOW what we’re working on.
They SEE what we post.
They FEEL what we’re passionate about.

Yet, no one asks the real and tough questions.
No one is trying to get to our core.

That is the most frustrating thing. And even though as an introvert, and as an INFJ, I don’t feel comfortable talking about myself, I do want to open up and have people around me who want to know me at a deeper level.

But you know what the saddest part is?

That even though I’ve decided to start talking more about myself, unprompted, the attention span I receive is close to that of a squirrel.

It’s official, I have squirrels in my life.

Knowing how I feel about this situation makes me even more aware when I’m not asking these questions. I don’t want others to feel like there’s no one in their corner, so I consciously make an effort to consistently dig deeper, even though it’s always a one-way street.

So if you also feel like you need a YOU in your corner, know that you’re not alone.

And even though this makes you lose hope in humans, make sure you continue being that person in other people’s lives because there’s nothing worse than becoming a squirrel as well.

Don’t let yourself become a squirrel.

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