Does this sound like you?

Yeah, that was me too for a long time.

Which is why I created this course.

Have you been wondering how to make an impact at work?

This course will help you…

feel empowered
get luck on your side
create oppotunities
build your influence
build a network effortlessly
connect with ease
be memorable
identify potential champions
use your strengths strategically

Here’s the deal, if you…

  • Want to diversify, expandify, and improvify your circle
  • Tried everything but you’re stuck in the same chair
  • Seek new ways to grow and improve yourself
  • Are tired of others catching lucky breaks
  • Want to reach celebrity status at work
The introvert's guide: how to make an impact at work ebook

Then you need a CHAMPION

Tell me more about how to make an impact at work…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve questioned yourself and your abilities an infinite amount of times. So much so that you’ve given up on trying to compete with those bold extroverts that get everything right. Damn it! Trust me, I’ve been there. I designed this course with you in mind so you can be yourself and use YOUR strengths to YOUR advantage. You’ll attract champions in your corner like The Rock rolls out movies. And trust me, you definitely want The Rock, I mean, a champion, in your corner…

Because a champion will, after all, champion for you.

You’ll be more confident in who you are, build the influence you need, and grow your network. All those components are the foundation of getting a champion in your corner, which in turn will give you the answer to “how to have more impact at work?” Once you have that champion, you’ll have entered into a new world. The downside? You’ll need to hide because of the number of opportunities chasing after you. If you’ve ever wondered how others keep catching breaks, then this course is for you.

Honestly, it’s the single best thing you can do for your career.

a flower just blooms it doesn't compete

What’s inside?


3 Super-Amazingly Detailed Units

To help you connect in a “hit it out of the ballpark” way

To increase your visibility while in stealthmode

To make you that successful professional we all read about


This unit has 10 sections, all packed with real-world scenarios and practical exercises to help you build your influence. I’ll go through what worked for me and catapulted my career. Not at The Rock’s level of course…

Read each section consistently and do the exercises in order. You’ll see tremendous results in no time. Imagine the CEO saying your name because he heard about an idea you shared with your colleagues. Imagine your manager asking you to lead a company-wide initiative because everyone on your team recommended youImagine not only making someone feel valued, but you yourself feeling valuable. All of this happens when you have influence.


This unit devotes energy to what you can do with the strengths you currently have, to grow the network you need, and be as connected as Mark Cuban. Ok, that’s a teeny-tiny-bop exaggeration, but you get the gist. If you do get that connected, call me, I’ll want some of that.

Similarly to the previous unit, each section has real-world examples and exercises to get you started – don’t skimp on them, I’m watching youFirst, we’ll go through what you need to do to define yourself because that’s the foundation for everything. You’ll have to write out an expert statement. Next, we’ll look into ways you can grow. Afterward, we’ll tackle the dreaded act of having to reach out to people and make sure you do it the right way. Then we’ll look into the most important section which is how to maintain your relationships. Finally, we’ll discuss the benefits of super-connectors and how you can be one.


This unit puts a bow on it. You’ll use the knowledge you gained from the previous units to achieve the main goal of this course, which is to gain a championIf you’ve practiced all the strategies, chances are you already have a few champions – not stalkers. I repeat, you should not have stalkers. The material in this unit is unconventional because it wants you to get into a champion’s line of sight. It puts you in control of pinning them down. Whoa there lady, no dirty thoughts ok.

In the first section, we’ll analyze who the perfect champion is and how to identify their characteristics. Next, we’ll tackle the idea behind “being the average of 5 people you surround yourself with” and how that impacts you. Afterward, you’ll turn into a detective and figure out everything you need to know about this person. Then, we’ll talk about a “grooming session” and how important it is to frequently run into your champion. Finally, if you see that nothing works, we’ll figure out together how you can pivot.

What else do I get?

BONUS – How To Build Your Sphere Of Influence Course ($149 value)

The Introvert's Guide: How To Build Your Sphere of Influence Course

This course is available as a standalone but is fully integrated into this comprehensive course as UNIT 1 – Build your influence.

BONUS – Introvert’s Guide To Growing A Network Course ($149 value)

The introvert's guide: how to grow your network course

This course is available as a standalone but is fully integrated into this comprehensive course as UNIT 2 – Build your network.

BONUS – Full Comprehensive E-Book ($45 value)

This E-book holds every single piece of information from this course into one place – no details are spared. You can read it at your own pace and go back to it as many times as you please as it’s yours to own. You’ll receive a link to download it, and voila!


Hi, I’m Roxana.

I’ve been in your shoes. In your flats, your heels, your running shoes. All of them.

I’ve struggled my entire life with feeling like an outsider because of my introverted nature. But I’ve especially struggled to get recognized, get promoted, and make a dent in my professional career. Until I decided to use my strengths to my advantage. My introverted strengths. I grabbed life by the horns and stopped acting like things will never happen for me the way they do for extroverts. Stopped blaming my nature and started using it to my advantage. I then took it to the next level and gained the necessary extroverted skills I needed to be unstoppable.

I experimented with many strategies and put to practice the ones that worked. They worked because I got recognized, got promoted several times within a short time frame, changed careers, and built a network I can now fall back uponSuccessfully.

I took all of the strategies and tips that worked for me and built specific courses to help you in a practical manner. If you’re not yet comfortable with using extroverted skills, but you want to, you’ve come to the right place!

honestrox teacher

What else?

60% of executive leaders are extroverts. That’s a fact. It can feel daunting to rise up to that level, but there’s NO REASON why as an introvert you shouldn’t be able to.

After all, introverts are more successful leaders when it comes down to it. And it took me a long time to see that.

As an introvert myself, I’ve put myself down more times than I care to say because I never believed I could rise up among a sea of chatterboxes that had more confidence than I could ever imagine. But then one day I believed. I’m here to share the strategies I used in the past 6 years to rise up in my career and land in fulfilling roles.

I’m not here to sell you on a 5-day course where you forget half the material afterward. I’m here to take you on a journey and enhance your mindset. Whether you work in an office at a 9-5 job or you’re a freelancer/entrepreneur doing your own thing, this is for you.

Full disclosure: I have a full-time job where I’m able to put these strategies to use. It’s through trial and error that I was able to successfully put this course in place. I can attest to the results.

All you have to do is put in the effort, do the exercises at each opportunity, and be consistent with yourself.


Who is this course for?

Introverts that are spinning their wheels in place at work and want to get promoted and be more visible. Together we’ll get you out of that damn chair you’ve been sitting in for years by giving you a strategy to break free.

Introverts that want to find new or better ways to put their strengths to use. Yes, it’s true, introverts have an insane number of strengths. We need to take the time to use them properly. You’ll cultivate those strengths and use them in the most powerful way.

Introverts that want to build confidence to attract others into their network organically. You need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone a tiny bit, to get the results you want. You’ll use the strengths you have and steal a bit of extroverted behavior to complete the formula.

Introverts that a gentle push to get off their butt and make the impact they know they can make. If you prefer to go to a fitness class or have a fitness trainer, then this is the course for you. You have to follow the units in order and do the exercises, to see results. You have to go all in, just let me guide you.

Introverts that want some external help when it comes to finding opportunities. The whole point of this course is to build yourself up to the point that you attract champions. It’s important to be comfortable with the idea of others speaking about you, and connecting you to their acquaintances. Yes, this all means that you need to be open to socially interact with others.

This is NOT for

Introverts that don’t want to change and want nothing to do with people. If you avoid lunch with colleagues and refuse any social contact, then this is not for you because it involves a level of human interaction. You can’t make an impact if nobody knows you.

Introverts that want a quick solution to their problems. While you might go through this course in a week, that doesn’t mean that you’ll see results. I recommend practicing each exercise for at least a week before moving on. This requires a whole mindset shift. It has taken me years to get to where I am, and you should expect at least half a year before seeing any results. With effort involved, of course.


Yep. You have 30 days to go over the videos, read the e-book, and do the exercises. If you find that it’s not what you were expecting or there’s no value for you in it, please e-mail me at [email protected] for a full refund.

Forever and ever and ever. Or at least until the Teachable platform declares bankruptcy. Even then you get to keep the entire PDF e-book to yourself.

I’m a strong proponent of the written word, so you’ll get the entire PDF e-book that includes all of the information relayed to you in the videos. And of course, you’ll get access to the videos and whenever applicable, some worksheets.

Your entire life. Seriously. This is not a one and done course because it’s a change in mindset. You have to really believe and make the effort to practice the exercises. And by effort, I mean at every possible opportunity, you’re practicing one of the strategies mentioned. I’ve been doing it for years and will continue to do so. You should know by now that personal growth is a journey you embark on and not a quick 1-2 step process.

That’s the long answer, the short answer is that you should expect to see results in about 6 months with regular practice – and by results I mean you’ll have a change in perspective, attitude, and awareness of yourself. Due to all of that, you’re going to attract others to you that you normally wouldn’t. Like I said, it’s a process.

You can find blueprints on how to build a home online, but I’m pretty sure you won’t take that upon yourself unless you’re a hardcore DIYer. So yeah, you can find anything online, but you won’t find my personal experience or how I used it to strategically place everything in order so that it makes YOUR life easier when it comes to building your influence, building your network, and finding a champion.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve gone through all the material and practiced all the exercises but you’re still not seeing any results in terms of having more self and situational awareness, I’ll happily give you a refund. The only caveat is that you have to reach out to me within 30 days of purchase. If you didn’t find the material valuable or you’re already familiar with all of the concepts and strategies, then no worries! I strongly believe in the content provided which is why I want to give you 30 days to try it out risk-free.