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Walk Out The Door


Social Anxiety is on high alert

Just when you thought you got over your Social Anxiety issues, after weeks in isolation, you’re dreading going back out in the world.

Are you staring at the walls, panicking about the conversations that are about to happen?

Maybe your first conversation will be an interview. Or in a group setting.

Holy guacamole, a GROUP setting, how on Earth will you manage that?!

I don’t know about you, but this outbreak has done a number on me mentally.

Has your Social Anxiety resurfaced quietly & sneakily?

I know I’ve felt it, and I have years of holding Social Anxiety down.

That’s because we’re no longer able to practice social confidence.

Or use the skills we’ve acquired.

Just like anything else that requires practice, our social skills are rusty because we’re not out there using them.

Are you having a hard time making eye contact?

What about putting two strings of words together?

Did you forget what it’s like to have a conversation?

You’re not alone if you feel this way.

Social Anxiety comes and goes. It’s contextual.

interesting time

Imagine Navigating This Time Confidently
Do you notice that after a long period of not socializing that you tend to get “rusty” and develop Social Anxiety the next time you’re in a social encounter?
Reasons Why Social Anxiety Is A Couch-Mate

module 1

Un-Sabotage Yourself

It’s been 8 weeks and 5 days since you’ve interacted with someone. And it’s been just as long that you’ve been doubting yourself. Let’s face it, spending so much time in your own head, with your own thoughts, can lead to a lack of confidence. In this module, we’ll tackle how you currently see yourself, the limiting beliefs you’re holding on to, and how you can believe in your own story again.

This is the foundation before you venture out.

module 2

Reignite your social confidence

Think back to all the awkward conversations you’ve had. I once randomly hugged a VP at my company because I didn’t know what to say. In this module, we’ll tackle how to properly own your story and show the world the interesting person that you are. You’ll never have another awkward introduction or encounter again. We’ll also dismantle those inner trolls that social anxiety brings out so you can handle giving out that hug to the VP for no reason.

module 3

They’ll never know what hit them

Let’s be honest, first impressions count for something, which is why you’re going to rock them. We’ll talk about the 3 things that go away the moment social anxiety shows up – things you need in order to make a successful impression. Once you got that figured out, we’ll make sure that your conversation doesn’t fizzle and die a slow death because you have no clue what to say.

We’ll also talk about tips and tricks to keep them hooked on you as they walk away.

module 4

Make your presence known

In this last module, we’ll look at 3 things you can do to keep your social anxiety in check the whole time because you’re worth knowing. We’ll also talk about how to make yourself known and fully seen without feeling awkward, embarrassed, or ashamed.

Hint: it’s a strength you already have.


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You also get the course in written form.

This gorgeous E-book is made up of 41 pages and is complementary to the course itself. Whether you prefer to learn through videos or through writing, you’ll get both options.

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Insights for life

Before we start talking about the foundation and the work that needs to be done, I’m going to walk you through the 5 guidelines that I consistently tell myself whenever Social Anxiety decides to pay a visit. And even when it doesn’t, I still tell myself these 5 things so that I can keep myself in check.

I promise that if you walk away with these 5 guidelines in mind, you’re going to be confident no matter what.

I don’t think there’s anyone more equipped to talk about Social Anxiety than Roxana.

After years of reading her advice on how to deal with Social Anxiety, I know that she lived and breathed it, and is on a mission to help others deal with it. This course is like a 5-hour energy shot to get you going confidently in the right direction.

– Gina (

gina headshot

Roxana’s story is really inspiring.

She has discovered and developed some amazing tools to help diminish her social anxiety, and I can’t think of anyone better suited to help you in this area of your life. She can literally spend hours talking about Social Anxiety, which is why she was our resident expert during the INF summit last year.

– Jas (

Jas Hothi

I’ve completed the course and it was absolutely fantastic, I learned so many great techniques.

It’s reassuring to know I can refer back to the different parts of the course so I can put them into practice as we start to come out of lockdown. Thank you for creating this brilliant course and for inspiring so many of us socially anxious folks 🙂 and also for putting yourself out there, it’s a really brave thing to do and you’re doing great!

– Zoe Honour (Course student testimonial)

After weeks of doubting myself, and allowing imposter syndrome to take over (due to a lack of social interactions) I realized I was back to my old socially anxious self. The one that was scared to speak up for fear of being negatively judged.

Sending TEXT MESSAGES was super hard because I had no confidence in the words I wrote. Attending Zoom meeting made me cringe inside because it meant I had to come up with things to say. I stayed up, twisting and turning, thinking I’ll never feel confident in another interview again.

I got lost in my own dark thoughts during the months of social distancing. 

But then, something clicked inside, and I was able to come out of this state of mind.


social anxiety is not a fact of life
I am the thoughts I think
practice makes confident

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After many years of dealing with Social Anxiety, I finally got a hold of it. Yet, the moment social distancing measures were put in place, I found myself dealing with it again.


If you’re dreading social interactions, being invited to events, or going back to work after the social-distancing measures, then this is for you. If you have a history of social anxiety, and you feel like it’s getting more pronounced now as the world opens up, you’ll benefit from this course as it will reset your mind and get you back on track.

It’s all video format with an accompanied E-book should you prefer it to be in written form.

The course itself is 1.5 hours long to go through but then the real work begins, so daily practice is recommended until the desired results are achieved.

You have 5 days to go through the videos and if you feel like there’s nothing valuable in them, and nothing you can put into practice, then you are more than welcome to e-mail me at [email protected] for a full refund. At the time of the request, you must show that you completed all the videos (this will be checked on my side).

Send me an e-mail with your question at [email protected] for a quick reply.

I’m Roxana,

a full-time introvert

Being introverted is an advantage.
As a former socially anxious person, I know how hard it is to be yourself, wanting to be someone else (ahem, an extrovert). I created Honestrox to provide you with the best content so you become the best version of YOU. Whether that’s getting better at making conversations, feeling more comfortable in your own skin, or breaking free from Social Anxiety.

My motto is:

Let your introvert out.
You’re worth knowing.

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