Today is “sometime in the year 2030”.

You’re a decade older. Wiser. Smarter. Wrinklier. And more fun.

You know why? Because you realize how short life is and you stopped caring about what other people think about you. Hence, you have more fun.

Do you think this 2030 YOU remembers what happened today?

I HIGHLY doubt it. Unless you happen to have hypermnesia.

Which technically means you’re FREE to do whatever you want! Ok, that’s not what it means, but it definitely could. It means that whatever emphasis you’re putting, or whatever anxiety you have, over an issue you’re facing, you can let go.

Stop dreading that presentation, stop over-thinking your conversations, stop trying to be perfect.

Because 10 years from now, it won’t matter.

Heck, it won’t matter tomorrow! But visualizing yourself 10 years from now lets you zoom out far enough to make you appreciate how small and short a moment in time is.

Again, what I’m referencing to are your day to day interactions that cause you to stress and make you watch Netflix until 3 am in the morning because you’re so upset over how you acted that day that all you want to do is forget who you are.

Don’t forget. Just think about the 2030 YOU. He/She depends on you to let go of the insignificant details so that she can have more fun. Don’t you want him/her to have more fun?

You can even give him/her a name so that he/she becomes more real.

My 2030 name is JOIE. 

Call me Joie de Vivre.

Hit reply and let me know what’s yours!

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