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I had mixed feelings over the sentence “I’m a waste of space”.

I sent a voice memo to a friend of mine telling her that we all can’t wait for her to be back on Instagram because we miss her presence in our part of the world.

To me, she’s like a micro-celebrity in the space.

But, she didn’t seem to share that perspective because her reply back included the words: “I feel like a waste of space,” which hit me in the gut.

Of course, you want your friends to succeed, and you want them to feel valued and appreciated. So when you hear that they’re not exactly feeling positive about themselves, your initial gut reaction might be to say “Stop talking nonsense!”

But what if for a second, you put yourself in their shoes and try to understand the root of this feeling.

Instead of dismissing it.

There are valid reasons why someone might feel this way. Even though you wish they didn’t. Instead of brushing it under the rug, bring it up to the surface and expand on it. Make the house messy. Maybe you’re the person thinking this.

And so, I sat with it. After feeling angry over her saying that, I realized that I share very similar thoughts to her, except they’re manifesting differently.

The other day I literally told my husband “That’s it, I’m quitting Instagram in January”.

It’s almost the equivalent of “I’m a waste of space”. I feel like I don’t belong there, that there’s no value in me being there, and that ultimately my presence won’t be noticed.

Because here’s the truth. If you’re creating content online, or you’re putting your story/business/product in front of people, chances are that the same energy isn’t being reciprocated. It’s not a one-to-one relationship.

Some days, it feels like you’re feeding a black hole. And feeding this black hole is EXHAUSTING. It’s utterly and completely draining, to the point of madness.

You want to know you make an impact. You want to get feedback. But even when you ask for it, all you hear are crickets. I’m about to fry all these damn crickets up!

So I tried to lift both of our spirits up by reminding her that for every one vocal fan, there are 20-30 silent fans in the background. People whose lives she touched, and who love hearing what she has to say.

What WE have to say.

This whole conversation made me turn into my OWN cheering coach because I’ll be honest, putting myself out there every day, day in and day out, is placing a toll on my mental stability.

Hence me wanting to quit after one last hurrah.

Hence her saying she feels like a waste of space.

Valid feelings that need to be explored.

If you or someone you know can relate to this, please know that you/they are not alone and that the way through is to talk it out.

As always, I’m here for a chat.


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