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I was observing myself (I’m such an introvert, I know).

It’s something I tend to do a lot these days. I analyze my feelings (the root cause of them), my tendencies (where they come from), my beliefs (are they mine?), and my reactions (what causes them).

Yeah, it’s a non-stop 24-hour highway in my head.

No wonder I need a lot of sleep. I just came out of a 3-hour nap thank you very much. So, while I was observing myself, an idea popped into my head.

Why don’t I make a movie Planet Earth-style about…INTROVERTS?! How fun would that be? To have the camera follow “an introvert” around as if it were a newly discovered species that we need to understand better.

And that’s what I did.

I’m thinking of making this into a series (of course if inspiration strikes again).

Here’s a quick look at the homo introvertus, more commonly known as an introvert.

I even got a British voice to do the voice-over. Super proud of that.

A few weeks ago, I did a video about bridging the gap, and I feel like I’m definitely improving with each new video I publish. The most difficult part for me is wondering about what other alternative paths I could have taken with my scenes. I worry that I could have made a stronger impact with this script.

But that’s with everything else in life – there are so many paths and so many directions to choose from that you’ll always have FOMO. I try to just set all those thoughts and feelings aside because I know they serve no purpose other than making me feel like what I’m doing is not good enough. It is good enough, and I’m going to keep pressing the Publish button, over and over and over.

It’s the only way forward.

I’m Roxana,

a full-time introvert

Being introverted is an advantage.
As a former socially anxious person, I know how hard it is to be yourself, wanting to be someone else (ahem, an extrovert). I created Honestrox to provide you with the best content so you become the best version of YOU. Whether that’s getting better at making conversations, feeling more comfortable in your own skin, or breaking free from Social Anxiety.

My motto is:

Let your introvert out.
You’re worth knowing.

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