Having a different perspective can put things into “perspective”.

I wrote a blog post about how we have a toxic relationship with Social Anxiety. I wanted it to be comical, or satirical, in order to get the point across because sometimes that’s what we need to finally move on from the things that do us harm.

It’s titled “The 5 Commandments of Social Anxiety” and it’s written from Social Anxiety’s point of view as if it were human too.

There are days when I still feel Social Anxiety’s control over my life and the decisions that I take (should I go to this conference alone, or just skip it?) but I remind myself of the tactics it uses to play with my mind. I do my best to override it by thinking of these 5 commandments that play a role in my relationship with Social Anxiety.

Here are the 5 Commandments (they explain our toxic relationship with Social Anxiety:

Thou Shalt Fall Into The Comparison Trap

Contrary to the studies circulating around town, Social Media is a boon. Use it as much as you possibly can, as it will guide you in the right direction. The most effective way to use it is to endlessly scroll on influencers’ accounts as that’s when the friction occurs. Just like magic (continued in blog post).

Thou Shalt Maintain The Highest Expectations

With each conversation you have, you must hold yourself to the highest standard possible. Stuttering, mumbling, or stumbling on your words is unacceptable behavior as it falls below expectations (continued in blog post).

Remember The Negative Judgment

Every action, word, gesture, and side glance that’s perceived as “abnormal” shall be stored properly in your memory folders. This ensures that in any similar future situation, you’ll react accordingly in the same manner. You’ll hold on to these experiences and scenarios, and replay them in your head throughout your days (continued in blog post).

Honor The Fixed Mindset

It is with great force that change occurs, which is why having a fixed mindset is a safe bet. Honor it. It will keep you safe and restrict you from taking too many risks outside of your comfort zone, which is the biggest no-no out of all the commandments (continued in blog post).

Thou Shalt Internalize Everything

Remember that you’re not crazy to take things personally. Whenever someone makes you feel left out, or they’re direct with you, it’s out of a personal vendetta. Rarely do people react unconsciously towards others, which is why you have to internalize their actions (continued in blog post).

I thought I’d put Social Anxiety in a new light, to show how detrimental and all-encompassing it can be. Most of us that have experienced Social Anxiety can identify with many aspects of its stronghold, which is why it was important for me to put that on paper in such a manner.

I hope that after reading this post, you’re more aware of when it happens to you so that you can take steps to control it.

Because you are NOT what Social Anxiety makes you out to be.