Why Hello There Impostor Syndrome.

We meet again. 

I read Ann Friedman’s archive of newsletters, and I found a gem in there that spoke to me immediately.

Before I share what that was, I want to point out that if you’re currently experiencing impostor syndrome, remember that you are NOT an impostor in your life. Your experiences are valid, and no one can take YOUR story away from you.

If at any moment in time you feel like someone is judging your capabilities, make sure you tell yourself, “this is what I know, and no one can challenge that fact.” You’re always going to learn new things, and you’re always going NOT to know things, but no one should make you feel like an impostor when it comes to talking about yourself, your current knowledge, and the challenges you’ve been through.

Personally, this hit me hard when I first started Honestrox because I felt like I wasn’t an authority in this space.

“Hey! Who’s that chick talking about social anxiety when she doesn’t have a Clinical Psychology doctorate attached to her name? Pshh wannabe.”

That’s what I thought people told themselves until I realized that I was an authority over MY LIFE. Only I know the anxiety I had to live with and what I personally did to conquer it. Only I know the steps I took and how they made me feel.

I might not be an expert in the “field,” but I’m an expert at ME. 

Now enough pep talk. I hope you get my point. You must remember this.

So here’s what Ann Friedman has to say about Impostor Syndrome after getting an email from a white guy:

white dude


So next time you’re questioning your abilities, skills, knowledge, and what else have you, remember Pretty Fly For A White Guy and kick impostor syndrome’s ass because YOU GOT THIS.

Because if you don’t, and you’re ruminating too much on all the things you’re not or don’t have, this dude over here is trying to conquer the world. And irrespective of whether you’re a guy or gal, this should give you the confidence you need.