This video portraying how Social Anxiety goes networking took me way too long to make.

I was running around like a crazy chicken the other day trying to tape 2 videos at the same time (DO NOT RECOMMEND) and of course, I only managed to edit and complete 1 because as we all know, we’re always OFF when it comes down to estimating time of completion.

I mean, the amount of time I had to edit myself because the green screen cut off my hand from view is regrettable (it’s still there, try to spot it!).

And then even when I thought I tied all the loose ends, the moment I uploaded it and ran it through one more time, I noticed that my background flipped on me. As in, one of my personas had the wrong background at some point…

While this is only my 6th video yet, I do feel like I’m getting better at it and it’s taking me less time to get it out to you. Yay.

I came up with the idea for Social Anxiety goes networking a week ago when I graduated from my Master’s program. I imagined someone asking me at a networking event what I went to school for, with me answering “The first time, the second time, or the third time?”.

Kind of poking fun at the idea that I have identity issues also in this area of my life. I mean, WHY have I gone to school so many times only to end up doing nothing related to any of those things?!

And from there, the script was quickly laid out. I mean, it’s not that difficult for me to channel Social Anxiety, because the thoughts in the video are the exact ones I’ve had during MANY conversations with people.

Pesky imposter syndrome language.

I’m on vacation this week (road tripping around Florida in an RV) so I’m keeping the newsletter short and sweet.

See if you can identify yourself in this video.

What else does your Social Anxiety tell you?

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