This year I was utterly and hopelessly obsessed with the show Lucifer.

lucifer show

That’s me whenever Google alerts me that there’s new info on the show.

See, I normally don’t watch television – I make it a priority not to because there are so many other amazing things I want to do with my time. Such as read, learn a new skill, write content, take pictures, connect with people, and exercise, to name a few things.

But I’m not completely immune to the fact that there are some pretty amazing shows out there that deserve my attention.

No, Lucifer ain’t one. Ha, bet you didn’t see that one coming. But like I said, I’m hopelessly in love with it. And I’m glad I fell upon it because it’s given me a lot to think about.

Especially in the realm of social anxiety.

During an episode, Lucifer talks about the fact that even though someone has a room in hell, they’re free to walk out of there at any time. Yet, no one ever does. They just keep replaying some horrible scene that happened in their life, drowning in their own guilt over and over.

And that made me ask myself “Am I stuck in a loop without knowing I am?”

Are you?

Because if you have social anxiety as I did, you might be. You keep falling into the same pattern over and over. You know, the one where every part of your body has an adverse reaction to the situation at hand? Every single time you find yourself in an uncomfortable social situation, you react the same way. You run from it.

If that’s you, then you’re social anxiety hell, and you need to get out.

Thankfully, I managed to break out. And if you’re interested, I wrote a whole blog post with 4 steps to take to break out of the loop.

Head on over to the blog post to read them.

And then I would LOVE to hear if this is something you’ve experienced or if you’re experiencing it now.

And if you love Lucifer as I do, then we definitely need to connect.

#Lucifans for life.

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