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3 beliefs to master

If you have Social Anxiety, and it’s getting in the way of living your life, then you need to master these 3 beliefs ASAP.  It took me some time to figure out how to change my mindset, but once I did my life took a turn for the best.  I no longer dreaded speaking up, or asking questions in a group setting.  I broke free of Social Anxiety’s grasp!  Ater battling it for so many years, I changed my perspective about it, all because I focused on mastering these 3 beliefs.

This short PDF might be just the kick you need to unburden yourself.

This is the mother of all Social Anxiety freebies. This action plan is what took me from being the girl that took notes in the corner to the girl that led entire meetings (gotta love Corporate America). I wrote this action plan to find a way out of my misery. I wanted to get promoted, to be heard, and to be confident, but Social Anxiety was holding me back. After I wrote this action plan and followed through on it, everything started falling into place. I no longer sweated when I introduced myself, or when I participated in ice-breakers (the horror!).  I no longer dreaded interacting with people.
I was free to be me!

If you want to tackle Social Anxiety step by step, this free guide will help you do that.

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I’ve written a lot about Social Anxiety. And I mean a lot. Honestly, I could talk about it all day, that’s how much of an impact it’s had on my life. Having dealt with it since childhood, I like to think I have enough experience to share with the world on what it’s like living with it. If you want to get practical strategies to stop Social Anxiety from ruining your life, then these blog posts will help you – alongside the free guides I’m offering as well. I’m constantly adding new content here, so feel free to check back often, or if you want to be the first one to know, subscribe to my newsletter!

about honestrox

I’m Roxana – a full time introvert

I help other introverts become socially confident. As a former
socially anxious person, I know how hard it is to be yourself
in social situations without letting anxiety get the best of you.
I created Honestrox to provide the best content to help you
become the best version of YOU. Whether that’s getting better
at making conversations, or feeling more comfortable in your
own skin, I’m here to help you.

My motto is:

Let your introvert out.
Because you’re worth knowing.