I have a lot of Social Anxiety triggers.

But I’ve gotten really good at putting myself at ease and working through them. I’ve learned how to control my emotions and calm down in a moment of frenzy. I no longer worry about people judging me or how I come off in certain social interactions. It’s all good. But, there’s an area in my life that I haven’t been able to reach the same level of calmness. And that’s whenever I put on the “mom” hat.

Currently, that’s the Social Anxiety trigger I’m trying to eliminate. My kids tend to put me in seriously uncomfortable positions that I still haven’t figured out how to handle yet. I’m sure that the moment I do figure it out, they’ll find new ways to push my social anxiety button. That’s the beauty about having kids, they’re always taking it to the next level, and moving from one phase to another at lightning speed.

I’m super honored that introvert, dear featured my article on this topic. I know I’m not alone. If you’re a parent, you might relate to this as well…especially if this is also your Social Anxiety trigger.

And if you’re not a parent, then I have something else for you. My podcast interview with Jas from the INFCLUB went live and you can take a listen here (#55), or you can watch it.

We talked a lot about my messy journey (my career, my moves, my social anxiety) and a bunch of other random things. He’s wonderful and we had a great conversation.

Check out this snippet.

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