Hi, I’m baaaaack.

This year, I decided to take it slow for the month of January. I had a couple of vacations planned (Florida & Spain) and didn’t want to overload myself prior to those. By taking it easy, I’m allowing myself to rev up for the rest of the year. And let me tell you, I have a LOT of stuff planned for Honestrox.

And the first thing that’s on the agenda is the INF Summit, of which I’ll be a speaker at! I recorded the interview a few months ago and it will go live on February 15th. Since my area of expertise is Social Anxiety, that’s what I’ll be talking about. My experience with it, the root cause of it, and the things I’ve done to move past it.

But, to give you a bit of context, if you’re an INFJ/INFP or even an intuitive, HSP, this might be an extremely valuable summit to attend (I’ll also add that it’s absolutely FREE and ONLINE).

The reason I say that (and not just because yours truly is partaking in it), is because there are SO FEW resources out there for these personality types. As an INFJ myself, I know how difficult it is to find people who TRULY get me and who understand my struggles.

There are 18 speakers lined up for this summit and there are some big names in there (from the introvert internet sphere of course!).
You’ll get access to video interviews with over a dozen INF creators, entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers, and coaches, including me! ⁣

Plus lots of free gifts too (if you’re into that) 🎁⁣

Topics covered include:

👉 How to thrive as an empath and skilfully handle overwhelming energy from others⁣

👉 How to navigate living in a world made for extroverts and rational thinkers⁣

👉 Exercises to help with anxiety relief and dealing with the expectations of others⁣

👉 Simple methods for self-care and deepening connection with others⁣

👉 How to begin the creative work you know is inside you, despite what your inner critic says⁣

👉 How to sustain a healthy belief in your creative work and maintain a practice to nourish it⁣
Registration is now open and the summit will run from February 7th-16th. 

If you sign up for it, let me know what you think so that I can relay the message to the hosts and get another one on the calendar!