Otherwise, I’d never do it.

A few weeks ago, someone asked in an introvert community I’m part of, how we feel about dressing up, either for Halloween or for a party. And I immediately cringed.


Little did I know that that was waiting for me in the near future. This seems to happen to those of us with extroverted friends.

I used to love dressing up as a child for Halloween but quickly gave that up during my teenage years and haven’t done it since then. I’ve never understood the desire to dress up as an adult. For one, it takes way too much time to think of a good outfit (because I refuse to pay for a crappy costume from the party store), and two because it means that I actually have to participate and go out to party.

But it was my best friend’s birthday this past weekend and it, unfortunately, fell during the Carnival celebration in Germany…which meant time to put on a COSTUME.

Mandatory. Of course, I didn’t have one so she GLADLY offered her old unicorn one.

Yay…The things you do for the people you love am I right?!

So there I was, pregnant, feeling like a donut, wearing a unicorn costume, going to a house party where I only knew one person.

Can you tell me what’s the most horrifying thing in that scenario?

I’m still recovering from all of it.

And no there’s no moral to this story, other than me wanting to let you know that you’re not alone in having to go through such excruciating experiences and that the only consolation is that at some point it’s over and you get to go home.

Hallelujah. I’m not even kidding when I say that I was in bed at 8 pm because I was so drained from the entire day. It’s the only way I could fully recover.

But truthfully, I appreciate being put out of my comfort zone and I feel proud for saying yes to such an event – sometimes we just need a little push from a friend, so if you find yourself in such a situation, say yes, and then tell me all about it!

Brownie points if you send me your costume picture <3