My 2.5-year old congratulating himself is my lesson of the week.

The magic happens at 1:15 minutes in.

Yes, you might think we are insane parents to give 2.5-year-old scissors, but before you yell at me, just know that it’s the daycare’s fault since they started it. Now that we have that sorted out, let’s move on to the very transparent lesson I’m about to give you.

Actually, I’m going to turn it into a fact.

I dare you to reply to me and tell me that’s not the case. When was the last time you said out loud: “Hey, I did it!”.

Or when was the last time you shared a win of yours with someone?

You might scoff at me and say well Roxana, I don’t like to brag. I like to keep things to myself. And I’m going to come right back to you and say “You’re doing yourself and the world a disservice if you keep all the good stuff to yourself while giving away all the bad stuff”. 

Because if I know myself, I know that I’m much quicker to complain and express all the difficulties I’m encountering in my life with my close friends, than expressing how awesome some things are going.

And if you still don’t like that idea, at least start practicing giving yourself congratulatory speeches. I’m being really serious right now.

Look at how proud my son is of cutting a piece of paper.

I want him to be proud of the things he’s able to accomplish on his own, and I want to give him as much freedom to do so. Because small things become bigger things with time. My husband and I are believers in letting him figure things out on his own as much as possible, even if it means he’s uncomfortable – we are very much anti-snowplowers.

If you have social anxiety, be proud of the times you managed to go out to an event, to give a speech, to talk to that person you like, or to ask a question. These are monumental things you should be proud of!

If as an introvert, people don’t understand you, celebrate the moments you were able to connect with someone or the times you shared an idea.

These might seem like trivialities, but the more you acknowledge them, the more confident you’ll be in yourself.

Bring on those positive vibes, it’s really the only way to progress and believe in your capabilities.

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