I shy away from “controversial” topics and sharing an unpopular opinion.

I’m not one to post personal opinions on topics that are clearly divisive in today’s climate, but when the opportunity showed up to do so, I wanted to challenge my Social Anxiety and my comfort zone. It might not even be an unpopular opinion, because well, you can’t really make a case for something that doesn’t make sense.

So, after spending the whole day at a theme park, I sat my butt down on a bench, attached the tripod to my phone, and turned on the recording.

Yes, there were people staring at me, and it was super uncomfortable.

That’s the reason why I did it, and why I chose to post it.

As an FYI, the park updated its COVID policies a week after I posted this. It no longer requires 6 feet of social distancing, temperature checks at the entrance, or masks.

Maybe my anger came through in the post-experience survey.

I’ll never know.