When I was 16, I wanted to be discovered.

I thought that just by walking around grocery stores, I’d be miraculously spotted by a celebrity agent who would want to represent me. All I could think about was “when is this person going to find me??

be discovered

Of course, that never panned out for me. Shucks. What was a girl to do next?!

During that time, I was trying to be a professional tennis player, but as the years wore on, it didn’t seem to be the right dream for me. As I approached my 20’s, I again wished to be discovered. This time by a university scout so that I could get a full ride.

I was reaching old age by an athlete’s standard, and at 20, it still didn’t happen for me. I decided to open my mouth and ask a coach how to go about joining a university’s tennis team, and by a sheer miracle, I eventually got a scholarship on the number one division 2 tennis team in the country.

Hot damn.

After I graduated and started working in Corporate America, I worked my ass off to make sure I’d be promoted as soon as HR would allow it. After several promotions, a few moves here and there, I updated my entire LinkedIn profile.

I added everything I could possibly think of. Articles I’d written, certificates I’d gotten, recommendations I received, and groups I joined. I filled it to the brink. I pimped out my LinkedIn, hoping this time to be “discovered” by some top founder looking for talent.

“That’s the girl we’ve been LOOKING for!”

It’s taken me YEARS to stop thinking like that. I realized that this hope I harbored for external salvation needed to be redirected. My focus needed to shift from others coming to my rescue to me forging my path ahead.

I also realized that the reason why I placed so much hope on being discovered was that I was afraid I wasn’t good enough to make it on my own. I wanted someone to take my hand and guide me. To make it easy for me.

Can you relate? Has there ever been a time when you thought like this too?

These days, instead of waiting on someone, I contact them directly. I reach out to as many people as I can, whenever I can. Sure, I might not hear back, but when I do, I make sure to connect with them at a personal level.

Instead of others discovering me, I’m discovering them. 

I’m putting my head down, doing the work, creating the content, engaging with people, and making sure that I’m as excellent as I can possibly be for my own benefit. I no longer seek validation, and I’ve broken up with the idea of getting discovered.

So let me ask you, are you waiting to be discovered?

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About Me

I help other introverts become socially confident. As a former
socially anxious person, I know how hard it is to be yourself
in social situations without letting anxiety get the best of you.
I created Honestrox to provide you with the best content
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