I feel like the 30-day challenge is the new fasting.

The new diet. The quickest way to get to your end-point, if you can tough it out. They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit, right? I still haven’t read the book Atomic Habits, so I’ll have to get back to you on that fact.

But, if you’ve spent any time on YouTube, there’s no way you haven’t seen a 30-day challenge. Lately, taking a cold shower has been popular. Not eating sugar as well. Of course, there’s always the boring 30-day workout challenge. Boo.

And then, once in a while, a super interesting yet insane one pops up.

Gina, over at LimitBreaker (if you’re an introverted business owner, she’s THE person to follow), decided that for 30 days, she’ll read 30 business books.

Think about that. ONE BOOK A DAY. If you’ve ever read a business book, you’ll know that it’s no joke, it’s PACKED with so many insights it will make your head spin, leaving you drained for days.

And to do that 30 days in a row? Hot dang Gina, way to go, girl.

She documents her entire process and the lessons learned in this amazing video that you HAVE to watch.

Now, a while ago, I actually thought about how one day I’d love to do a Social Anxiety challenge, where every day I’d do something that makes me uncomfortable and challenges my Social Anxiety. I believe the scientific and technical term for this is Fear Exposure. Who knew!

After seeing Gina’s stunt, I’ve decided that I’m going to put together my own challenge, and I’d LOVE TO KNOW if you’d be interested in following me and doing it at the same time? Of course, I’ll compile it all into an awesome YouTube video, where I hope to get YOUR feedback as well.

If you’re interested, sign-up for it so that when I’m done getting it ready, you’ll be the first one to find out and join me in my own craziness!