Welcome to week #3 of isolation.

Well, for us in the Netherlands at least. Supposedly it’s our last one, but I have a feeling they’ll extend it until the end of the month – rightfully so.

You might have been going much longer than this, or you might not have started yet, but either way, I’m sure you had plans that have fallen apart.

I have a whole list of plans that have gone by the wayside. I mean, what are the chances that my 10 year anniversary, my son’s 3rd birthday, my 32nd birthday, and my first baby shower all fall during social distancing?

But there’s one thing I was looking forward to the most.

See, the first time I visited Amsterdam in 2010, it was during one of the coldest winters ever, and I hated it. I told my husband (boyfriend at the time) that the next time we come, we better see the tulip fields.

Yet, here I am 10 years later, and I still haven’t seen them. This is why I was so excited to schedule my maternity shoot during Tulip season – to fully experience the beauty of them and to capture a special moment in time.

And then the news came. The biggest spring garden is officially closed this year because of the social distancing measures in place. The tulip season is relatively short, from March to May, so this crisis is taking up the entire season.

Imagine all the sad gifs in the world.

So I thought I’d reach out to you and find out what’s the number one thing you were looking forward to the most that’s been officially canceled because of the Coronavirus?

I’d love to compile a list and send it out to everyone, so we can all grieve together at all the plans we were looking forward to.

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